Entrepreneur Academe - Investment Readiness


What is Entrepreneur Academe?

Now in its fourth year, Entrepreneur Academe is a series of mentoring events for female tech founders who are rapidly scaling their business and in the process of raising equity investment to accelerate this fast growth. We're particularly keen to hear from women building distinctive  businesses in deep technology areas such as AI, data analytics, fintech, healthtech, edtech and cybersecurity.

At each session, 8-10 female founders will meet members of the Angel Academe team, angel and institutional investors from our network as well as some of our mentors. The sessions consist of moderated conversations rather than presentations and combine peer and expert mentoring. 

Sessions are structured around the needs of entrepreneurs, so participants must come prepared to deliver a short presentation (2 mins max, no slides) and armed with lots of questions for our mentors.

Who should apply?

  • You're an ambitious female founder (CEO or CTO preferred) of a tech startup.
  • Your have a distinctive and innovative solution to a significant and global problem, for example healthcare, ageing population, climate change, finance, cyber security or education.
  • Your business is registered in the UK.
  • You have a commercial product or service, at least at prototype stage, with good proof of concept or traction and excellent market potential. 
  • You enjoy and benefit from group learning. 
  • We will accept applications from up to 2 founders (both female) per company.

Selected companies are likely to have:

  • Small but experienced teams (approx. 2-10 employees) with a strong vision for the future of their business
  • An innovative and scalable product or service relevant to a large global market
  • A clean capital structure
  • The ability to work with external advisors

Who are our mentors?

Our mentors include experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors and business leaders from the Angel Academe community and partner organisations. As well as extensive experience of starting, running and growing businesses, they bring specific expertise in finance and fund-raising; sales, marketing and PR; technology; law, accountancy and people management.

Sarah Turner (Angel Academe co-founder and angel investor)
Simon Hopkins (Angel Academe co-founder and angel investor)
Bridget Connell (Angel Academe advisor and investor)
Simon Thorpe (Angel Academe advisor and investor)
Francesca Tondi (Angel Academe advisor and investor)
Olga Shafranik (Angel Academe investor)
Meganne Houghton-Berry (Angel Academe advisor and investor)
Marianne Costigan (Merian Ventures)
Helen Reynolds (Cass Entrepreneurship Fund)
Natasha Jacobs (Craigie Capital)
YeeMun Thum (Potential.vc)
Saffron Myhill-Hunt (Low Carbon Innovation Fund)
Jessica Dick (Synergy Growth)

Karen Thomas-Bland (Angel Academe investor)

Melanie Ellyard (Capital Enterprise North)

Apply to take part

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