About us:

We invest in great teams who are innovating in areas that excite us. We like businesses that are relevant to our experience and contacts and complement our existing portfolio, but we also enjoy learning about new technologies.

Areas of interest include: fintech, AI/machine learning, health tech, ed tech, IoT, cyber security, reg tech, robotics & enterprise.


  • Your technology startup has an innovative solution to an important global problem in areas including healthtech, AI/machine learning, data analytics, fintech, cybersecurity or edtech.
  • You have at least one woman on your founding team (no sole founders please), with relevant experience and a strong vision for the future of your business.
  • You have a working product, business model and market traction. For B2C businesses and marketplaces, we would expect to see significant revenue.
  • You are well aware of your competition, clearly differentiated from it and with good barriers to entry, eg proprietary technology.
  • You are addressing a very large global market and can articulate how you will return a minimum 10X to investors within 3-7 years.
  • You are a UK business with a £500k - £5m pre-money valuation and eligible for SEIS and/or EIS tax relief.
  • You are raising £150,000-£5,000,000 of equity investment.
  • You are able and willing to work with external advisors.


Over the years we've developed a process that ensures our investors see pre-screened, high quality and relevant opportunities while maximising the potential for entrepreneurs to successfully raise investment with us.

Over 80% of the businesses who pitch to our angels receive funding and the feedback we've received from both entrepreneurs and angels is that our process is "slick and streamlined".

Step 1: Online application

We can only accept applications made online. We read all the applications we receive and if you know one of us or have been referred to us by someone we know, please mention them in your application. Please also upload your pitch deck and a video presentation if you have one.

We estimate that the application will take 30-60 minutes to complete and questions are designed to give us the information we need to assess your business.

Step 2: Investment-readiness session (Entrepreneur Academe)

If we like your application, you'll be invited to join one of our regular investment-readiness sessions. These are for female founders who are rapidly scaling their technology business and in the process of raising equity investment to accelerate this fast growth. 

At each session, 8-10 female founders meet members of the Angel Academe team as well as angel and institutional investors from our network. The sessions consist of moderated conversations rather than presentations and combine peer and expert mentoring. Our aim is to get to know you and your business and for you to meet some of our investors informally.

Step 3: Screening

Once we've met you at one of our investment-readiness sessions, your application will be put forward for screening. Several angels from the network help us review all the applications and whittle it down to the 3-4 companies who will be invited to present at our next pitch event. Screening happens over the course of a week a few weeks before each pitch event, so it may be some time between making your application and hearing from us.

Step 4: Pre-meeting

Shortlisted companies are then required to attend a pre-meeting with us 1-2 weeks prior to the pitch event. This is a chance for us to give you some background to the group, share any feedback from screening and help you fine-tune your pitch for our investors. You will also meet the other entrepreneurs presenting.

Step 5: Quarterly pitch events

We run quarterly angel “Studios”, in which 3-4 startups that have come through our screening process have the opportunity to pitch to our angels. Each company has 10 mins to pitch, 10 mins for Q&A and an opportunity to network informally with the angels at the end of the evening.

Step 6: Investment

Where possible, we aim to close investments within 6-8 weeks of the pitch event.

FeesWe charge a 5% success fee on all investment raised plus reasonable legal expenses if appropriate.