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Angel Academe is a fast-growing and award-winning angel network. Our angel investors are entrepreneurs, senior professionals and people enjoying portfolio careers. They want to do something interesting, useful and stimulating with a proportion of their investible assets by supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses. Most of them are women, but men who want to be part of a diverse network are also very welcome. 

We invest in ambitious and highly scalable technology businesses with at least 1 woman on the founding team. We believe that to help more women “go big” with their technology ventures, we need to increase the number of women investors. We also want to become (even) better investors by sharing our experience and investing together in a fun and collaborative environment.

At Angel Academe we're raising awareness of angel investing with successful women who have an appetite for educated risk and potentially higher returns than other asset classes. Through mentoringeducation and collaboration with experienced angels, we help members pool their money, expertise and resources to perform due diligence and build a portfolio of smart investments.


Benefits of investing with angel ACADEME

Our focus is on maximising the potential for financial return by combining our wide mix of skills and angel investing experience to identify the best investment opportunities, carry out due diligence and actively support our portfolio companies post-investment. Other benefits of investing with our group include:

  • Learn by doing alongside experienced angels in a collaborative group with good processes

  • Access to pre-screened, high growth potential investment opportunities at well-curated events

  • Pool your financial resources and expertise with other investors with a wide mix of skills and experience

  • Create or grow an investment portfolio (or build a portfolio career)

  • Have fun, expand your network and fuel your brain!

  • Support entrepreneurs and new businesses

  • Improve the gender-balance of the investor community and increase the amount of capital going to women-founded and co-founded startups - currently less than 11p of every £1 invested




We run regular pitch events, investor workshops and networking events throughout the year for our engaged community of experienced and aspiring angel investors. Some are repeated online.


Rigorous Screening & INVESTMENT Process

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We have a thorough 4-stage screening process to ensure that the businesses that pitch to us are both good investment opportunities and relevant to the domain expertise and interests of our group. Each application is reviewed by at least 5 of our angel investors as well as subject matter experts when required.

We also have established processes to help our investors get from pitch to investment as smoothly as possible. We’re committed to improving the angel investing experience for both investors and entrepreneurs.


Join us!

If you would like to attend one of our events as an angel investor, please get in touch using the form below. By using this form you are agreeing to be contacted with details of future events and marketing material.

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Before receiving business plans or beginning to make Angel Investments, you should ensure that you are self-certified as a High Net Worth individual, as defined by the FCA under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).

As an individual angel under the FCA Financial Promotions Order you are entitled to receive business plans and make investments through your own decision, provided that you are able to certify yourself as a High Net Worth Individual.

You confirm that you either:
• have a net income in excess of £100K or
• have net assets in excess of £250K beyond your pension fund assets and your private residence

Download the Statement for Certified High Net Worth Individuals