Our Investment Criteria and Selection Process



  • Your technology startup has an innovative solution to an important global problem in areas including health, finance, education, security and climate change.

  • You have at least one woman on your founding team who holds significant equity in the business.

  • You have relevant industry and startup experience in your team and a strong vision for the future of your business.

  • You have a working product, business model and market traction. For B2C businesses and marketplaces, we would expect to see significant revenue.

  • You are well aware of your competition, clearly differentiated from it and with good barriers to entry.

  • You are addressing a large global market and can articulate how you will return a minimum 10X to investors within 3-7 years.

  • You are a UK business with a £500k - £10m pre-money valuation and eligible for SEIS and/or EIS tax relief.

  • You are raising £250,000-£5,000,000 of equity investment.

  • You are able and willing to work with external advisors and recognise the value of women on your cap table.



All businesses that pitch to Angel Academe investors go through our 4-stage selection process. The process ensures our investors see the best and most relevant opportunities, while maximising the potential for entrepreneurs to successfully raise investment with us.

Over 70% of the businesses who pitch to our angels receive funding from them. Although the amount varies from deal to deal and nothing is guaranteed, we’re typically investing £50k-£350k.

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Stage 1: Online application

We only accept applications made online. We read all the applications we receive, but we cannot provide individual feedback. We estimate that the application will take 30-60 minutes to complete and questions are designed to give us the information we need to assess whether your business is a good fit for our investors.

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Stage 2: In-person screening session

If you pass the 1st stage, you'll be invited to one of our screening sessions. At each session, we invite 10 female founders to meet members of the Angel Academe team as well as angel investors from our network. The sessions consist of moderated conversations rather than presentations and combine peer and expert mentoring. Our aim is to get to know you and your business and for you to meet some of our investors informally.

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Stage 3: Review and selection

Several angels from the network help us review the applications that have come through screening and whittle it down to the 3-4 companies who will be invited to present at our next pitch event. Review happens over the course of a week a few weeks before each pitch event, so it may be some time between making your application and hearing from us.

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Stage 4: Pitch pre-meeting

Shortlisted companies are then required to attend a pre-meeting with us 1-2 weeks prior to the pitch event. This is a chance for us to give you some background to the group, share feedback and help you fine-tune your pitch for our investors. You will also meet some of our lead investors and the other entrepreneurs presenting.

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Pitch events

We run 5 pitch events per year, at which 4 startups that have come through our selection process pitch to our angels. Each company has 10 mins to pitch, 10 mins for Q&A and an opportunity to network informally with the angels at the end of the evening. At least 40 angels attend each event and we repeat the pitches online for our members who can’t attend in person.

Investor due diligence

Our investors are responsible for their own due diligence, but we encourage them to work as a team and and follow our due diligence process. Expect several follow-up calls, a site visit and detailed questions. This is your opportunity to get to know potential investors and they you. You’ll also be asked to share a data room with information on your:

  • Business - CVs and contracts for team members, advisors, key suppliers and customers; trading history and financial forecasts; IP; marketing strategy; competitor analysis; product roadmap etc.

  • Current and previous funding rounds - term sheet and shareholder agreement, cap table, S/EIS advanced assurance; outstanding loans etc.


Where possible, we aim to close investments within 8 weeks of the pitch event. You’ll need to send share certificates and EIS forms to your investors and remember to send them regular updates so they know how they can help!


We charge a 5% success fee on all investment raised from introductions we make plus reasonable legal expenses if appropriate. There are no pitch fees, monitoring fees, fees applied at exit or obligations to buy services from us or our partners.