Some of our investments.

Angel Academe is a fast-growing and award-winning angel network. 

Most (BUT NOT ALL) of our members are women and we back ambitious tech startups with at least one woman on the founding team.

We're helping more women enjoy the benefits of angel investing and, at the same time, helping the best UK tech startups access the capital and “smarts” women bring. We believe that diverse investor and startup teams make better decisions, are more capital efficient and give better return on investment. We welcome experienced and aspiring angel investors at our events as well as men who want to be part of a diverse and well-run angel network. 




Our angels are successful and entrepreneurial women (and men) who want to do something interesting and useful with some of their available wealth by supporting new technology businesses. 

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We run regular pitch events where our investors hear pitches from women-led technology startups that have come through our 4-stage screening and selection process. 

What our members say:

“Angel Academe is a place where women can discover and discuss investment opportunities and share angel investing experiences and concerns in a collegial and supportive environment. It’s all upside!”

"The women-orientated culture of collaboration, transparency, and no big egos, really works - I wish there were more of that in the investing industry!"

"I was very pleased to join your meeting last week as it answered a lot of the questions I have had around this type of investing. The members and speakers reassured me that I was amongst people who were not risk junkies but thoughtful investors."

“Angel Academe is the best-curated network of women entrepreneurs and angels in London”